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Visual Projects

Creative Project, Fashion Design

During summer 2016, I worked at Miotech, a fin-tech startup, as an User Experience Design Intern.  I redesigned the current web interfaces and updated the pattern library, and created a product manual. 

MioTech Web Design


Lunar Gala is one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh that sold out over 1200 seats each year with 140+ students involved. Teamed up with Katherine Lee and Claire Sun, I designed and produced by hand a 6 look collection Evanesce for LG 2017 Sonder. 

Inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita, “Evanesce” is a wearable art series that portrays a reversed metamorphosis. Each piece represents a stage in the transformation of the protagonist. With use of wire, transparent fabric, and natural elements, “Evanesce” mimics the parallel between the transformation and natural processes.


Lunar Gala