Coding & Data Visualization

HCI Research, Statistical Programming

As a Data Science major, I have done many data computing and interactive data visualization projects. I also have experience in front-end coding & prototyping. I am familiar with HTML&CSS, Javascript, Python, and R Statistical computing languages.


Behavior Dashboard

I am currently working as a research assistant at the CMU Ubiquitous Computing Lab to design new visualization and experience for a human routine behavior model built based on statistical probabilities. I worked across function between Design and the Tech team. Specifically, my role is to design a new feature that enables users to propagate their knowledge into the model. Such function will make the model more efficient as it can learn from both expert knowledge and empirical data. 

Fall 2017 - Present

HCI Research

Advisor:  Nikola Banovic (PHD),  Anind Dey (Faculty)