Discovering Orientation Events to Meet New Friends

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Design Exercise

1 week SOLO Project


User Research, Ideation, Wire-framing, User Testing, UX & Visual Design

I designed an experience for new students at Carnegie Mellon to discover and search Orientation events that helps students to meet new friends with similar extra-curricular and academic interests.

Final Design Overview

Browsing & Searching Orientation Events


Design an experience for new students to discover orientation events at your school

What’s the Current Orientation Experience Like?

Research Insights from Interviews & Literary Review


Design Concepts

Based on the research highlights from interviews and literary reviews, the main design concepts is summarized below


Visual System

A visual system is created and utilized across the experience design. I took inspiration for the color palette by browsing through past orientation photos , with a feeling of energetic and vibrant. On the other hand, as new students at Carnegie Mellon come from over 50 states and 65 nations, inclusive design is especially valued when crafting the visual system. Colors are A11y colors and the font Source Sans Pro is one of the most accessible and widely use fonts.

Design Solution - Key Features

Home Exploration

Home Exploration

As making new friends is the #1 priority for most students during Orientation, popular events are featured on the top of Home Page. Another reason students attend events is that the events align with their interests, thus the events are also organized by extra-curricular & academic interests in carousel, allowing easy exploring.

Event List Page

Event List Page

The event list page features events that are organized student’s extra-curricular and academic interests. Essential info such as name, time, location and number of students interested in going are shown on this level. The bottom section encourages students to explore other types of events.

Social Detail Page

Social Detail Page

Click on individual event from card or list will bring up the detail page, which provides rich information. In particular, the detail page showcases high-quality photos of past event or poster of the event , and displays further info about other students who are interested in attending, thus making events more sociable and attracting.

Dedicated Search Page

Dedicated Search Page

The search page is designed to encourage exploration. Users can directly type in the search field on top, or click on keywords to see the possible categories, thus exploring events for different time, location and type.